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Green is the New Red

Yesterday, I finished reading Green is the New Red by Will Potter.This may be one of my favorite reads this year. Though at points it seems more of a Bio of the Shac7,the ALF and Will Potter himself. I was very impressed with finally finding a good book on “eco-terrorism”.

Most the things written about in the book I already knew but still it was nice to be reminded of what has been going on in the United States over the past 20 years. The United States Government has put the label terrorist on these guys but not the Prolifer’s killing Doctors and even the KKK. You have to really wonder where their priorities are. When you see the US Government defending property so hard over people.This is just one aspect of the war on Eco-Terrorism. It is to bad the United States has no interest in treating businesses responsible as for polluting the waters, land and people the same way they have the ALF/ ELF and Shac7.

At any rate I would recommend this to anyone who has been reading the Earth First!Journal, as well as anyone with no knowledge of these groups. Also, check out Will Potter’s site

At any rate figured I would do a review of this. I know it could use alot more but

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